Cleaning the hands in industrial environments not only requires a premium quality soap, but optimal hygiene and efficiency is also of importance. That is why Americol introduces Hand Cleaner Paint-Ex Pro is the well known user-friendly US-Gallon bottle with integrated dispenser. Available as from this fall.

Hand Cleaner Paint-Ex Pro is a modern powerful hand cleaner for removing extremely heavy industrial soiling. It’s unique product formulation easily removes stubborn soiling like paints, resins, silicones, adhesives and sealants. Cleans and moisturises the hands and prevents skin irritation. Formulated with skin-friendly, natural and biodegradable cornmeal hand scrub.

A robust dispenser is mounted on each bottle for optimum hygiene and convenience. The sturdy design of the dispenser makes this pre-eminently suitable for all industrial companies and ensures the system has a long service life. Very useful is the transport clip on the pump, allowing secure transport is guaranteed.

* Modern hand soaps – tailored to all types of pollution and cleaning frequency
* Maximum hygiene
* Robust packaging for industrial use
* Economical in use

Within this concept, four hand cleaners are available:

Hand Cleaner Paint-Ex Pro: Powerful hand cleaner for quick removal of paints, resins, silicones, adhesives and sealants.
Hand Cleaner Yellow Pro: Powerful citrus hand cleaner for removing heavy duty industrial soiling.
Hand Cleaner Special Pro: Industrial solvent-free hand cleaner.
Hand Cleaner Orange: Advanced formulation hand cleaner using natural (citrus) ingredients.

For this US-Gallon bottle a sturdy wall-frame is available from stock (Article: H1010).