Americol launches the exclusive PRO-2000 dispenser system for hand cleaning, care and disinfection.

The PRO-2000’s robust design makes it ideally suited for use in industrial areas such as garages, workshops, factories, installation services, agriculture and the petrochemical industry. The dispenser system is compact, easy to use and hygienic, making it the optimal dispenser for use in public spaces, offices, retail, hotels, medical sector, government, restaurants, cafes, catering, and the food and beverage industry.

The environmentally friendly dispenser cartridges are collapsible and come with a pre-mounted, ready-to-use pump.

* Simple to assemble – ready to use
* User friendly, robust and compact design
* Sealed cartridges with pre-mounted pump for optimal hygiene
* Environmental concept with collapsible cartridges
* Economical

The PRO-2000 dispenser is available in five different formulations for automotive, industrial and institutional use:

* Hand Cleaner Yellow Pro: Powerful citrus hand cleaner for heavy industrial soiling
* Hand Cleaner Special Pro: Solvent-free hand cleaner for industrial use
* Hand Cleaner Orange: Solvent-free hand cleaner with a natural citrus oil base

* Soft Soap Orange: Highly concentrated dispenser soap with a refreshing scent
* Saniskin: Hand disinfectant (EU Authorization number)