Electro Cleaner ME

Powerful industrial degreaser for cleaning electronic components

Ideally suited for degreasing machines, engines, parts and electronic components. Easily removes grease, lubricants and traffic film. Absorbs about 5 times its volume of contamination (oil and grease). Flash point approximately 65°C. Leaves no residue on the treated surface.

Dosage and Use
For high pressure cleaning and spray washing preferably dilute 1%-2% (1:100-1:50) and process at approximately 60°C. Apply evenly. Preferably, give the product time to work in. Then allow it to evaporate, wipe with a cloth or brush, or spray with water.

Available in: Dutch French German Estonian Latvian Lithuanian Polish Czech Slovenian Romanian Russian Danish Swedish Norwegian Bokmål Finnish Hungarian Bulgarian Slovak Greek

Code 813 | 200L