Hand Cleaner Yellow


Removes paint, ink, glue, resin, silicon, tar and sealants

Properties & Application
Hand cleaning gel with refreshing citrus scent from natural ingredients. For lightning quick hand cleaning. Contains natural granules for deep cleansing. Available in classic robust packaging. Provides cleansing and care for the hands and prevents skin irritation. Gives the hands a refreshing scent after use.

Rub a small amount of hand cleaner into dry hands until dirt loosens. Rinse with clean water or remove with a towel or wipe. Dry the hands thoroughly. Keep package well closed, and store under cool but frost-free temperatures. Best before: See print on pack.

Protection • Cleaning • Care
The type of contaminant, skin condition and cleansing frequency determines the correct type of hand cleaner. Consult the product catalogue to find the right product. The hand cleaners were composed with care and geared towards effective cleansing and optimal skin care.

IMPA: 551526.

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Code 840

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