Oil Spill Remover Solvent Based

Oil Spill Dispersant – Solvent Based.


Effective oil combatant with particularly intense emulsifying power for marine and offshore use. Specially developed for the safe and effective control of oil and water in harbours. Composed of low aromatic hydrocarbons and powerful high emulsifiers. Depending on the degree of soiling and the weather, 100 litres of OSB SB is sufficient to combat 1750 m² of water contamination. Flash point approximately 75°C. Virtually odourless. 

Dosage and Use

Establish the approximate size of the spill. Spray the desired amount OSB SB using professional equipment. The spill will be emulsified within minutes. If desired, repeat the treatment for complete control.

Available in: Holandský Angličtina Francouzština Němec Estonština Lotyština litevský Polský Slovinština Rumunština Ruský Dánský Švédský Norwegian bokmål Finský Maďarština Bulharština Slovenština Řečtina

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