Tank Cleaner Oil & Grease Remover

Extremely powerful industrial degreaser

Especially suitable for the removal of heavy industrial soiling such as grease, lubricants, tar, asphalt and bitumen. Easily cleans machine parts and sheet metal. Formulated with powerful emulsifiers for optimal dilution with water. Absorbs about 5 times the volume of contamination (oil and grease). Flash point approximately 65°C. Includes aromatics. 

Dosage and Use
For manual cleaning or cleaning by hand use the product preferably undiluted. Give the product time to work in. Then allow to evaporate, wipe with a cloth or brush, or spray with water. For high pressure cleaning and spray washing preferably dilute 1%-2% (1:100-1:50) and process at approximately 60°C. Apply evenly. Give the product time to work in and then remove or spray with clean water.

IMPA: 551001 / 551002 / 551036 / 551037 / 551041 / 551042.

Available in: Dutch

(Code 803) – 10L | 200L