Degreasers & Solvents

Antol 80 10L

Antol 80

Odourless degreaser for use in parts cleaner with good dirt dissolving power

Antol 75 200 L

Antol 75

Odourless industrial degreaser

Antol 24 60 L

Antol 24

Powerful emulsifiable industrial degreaser

Antol 65/DW®

Powerful industrial degreaser

Antol Citrus 10 L

Antol Citrus®

Quick evaporating degreaser with a fresh citrus scent and a particularly powerful dissolving capability

Brake Cleaner

Powerful degreaser for cleaning of car/truck brake assemblies

Electro Cleaner 20L

Electro Cleaner

Powerful degreaser for electrical and electronic components