Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Alkaline products

Amewash 10L


Extremely powerful foam cleaner (NSF certified)

High Pressure Wash 10 L

High Pressure Wash

Highly concentrated powerful foam cleaner for contactless cleaning

High Pressure Detergent 200 L

Unicol VLF®

Highly concentrated low foaming cleaner

High Pressure Detergent 200 L

High Pressure Detergent

Powerful foam cleaner for use in high pressure cleaning equipment

Interein 10 L


Powerful industrial cleaner with a pleasant fragrance

Degreaser Special Pro 20 L

Degreaser Special Pro

Powerful environmentally friendly industrial cleaner and degreaser

Filter Cleaner Carbon Remover 20L

Filter cleaner / Carbon remover

Removes carbon based deposits from fuel and lube oil filters

Mild products

HS Cleaner

Highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser with a pleasant fresh fragrance

Super Cleaner 750 ml

Super Cleaner

Ready- to-use cleaner and degreaser with a pleasant fresh fragrance

Power Cleaner 10 L

Power Cleaner

Universal cleaner and degreaser with a pleasant fresh fragrance

Micro 2000 Shampoo

Highly concentrated micro-emulsion cleaner based on modern surfactants and low aromatic hydrocarbons

MULTIREIN 10LMultirein®

All-purpose mild cleaner

Multirein Extra 10L

Multirein Extra

Highly concentrated all-purpose mild cleaner

Demi Water 10L
Demi Water

Demineralised water

Defoamer 10L


Professional liquid additive to counteract undesired foam formation.

Acid products

Amecid 10L


Acid industrial liquid cleaner and descaler for removing various oxidations (Al and Fe) and calcium deposits

Amefix 10L


Powerful and fast acting acid rust remover and descaling liquid