Air Cooler Cleaner HD

Powerful biodegradable micro-emulsion cleaner

Powerful biodegradable micro-emulsion type cleaner for cleaning diesel engine, air coolers, scavenging air systems and the compressor side of turbochargers. ACC HD contains no chlorinated or aromatic solvents and is free of nonyl phenol ethoxylates.

Dosage and use
Recirculation method:
For this cleaning procedure the engine needs to be stopped and secured. Permanently installed spray nozzles in combination with a cleaning solution tank and pump should be used. It is advised to blind off the cooler outlet. Properly mix water and 10-30% ACC HD, depending on the severity of the contamination, in the tank. Connect the pump’s outlet to the nozzle assembly and the air cooler drain to the tank. Start the pump and spray the solution through the nozzles over the entire surface of the cooler and drain back to the tank. Circulate the solution for a period of 1 to 6 hours. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water. Remove the outlet blind and disconnect the pump and tank loop.

Soaking method:
For this cleaning procedure the engine needs to be stopped and secured. Blind off the cooler outlet and flood the cooler with a solution of 10-30% ACC HD in water depending on the severity of the contamination. Soak for a period of 1 to 6 hours and drain to slop tank. Agitation by means of steam or compressed air will improve the cleaning effect. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water. Remove outlet blind and close drain.

Hand spray method:
For this cleaning procedure the engine needs to be stopped and secured. Open the inspection cover on top of the cooler and the drain valve. Spray undiluted ACC HD into the tube nest and allow to penetrate into the deposits for a minimum of 1 hour. Rinse thoroughly with a high pressure. Close inspection cover and drain.

In-service cleaning:
The general principle is to inject a solution of ACC HD into the air trunking upstream of the charge air cooler followed by a clean water rinse. For efficient cleaning of air coolers, it is necessary to use correctly installed dosing and injection equipment. For in-service cleaning of air coolers and the air-side of turbochargers, preferably dilute 1:4 (a solution of 25% ACC HD in freshwater is recommended). The appropriate dosage of cleaner is then placed in the dosing pot and injected up stream of the air cooler for a period of 10 minutes. After a further 10 minutes, a similar quantity of fresh water is injected to rinse off the emulsified deposits. Rate and frequency of application depends mainly on the condition of the air coolers. However when starting with the use of ACC HD, recommended injection is every 24 hours. After the initial cleaning period, the cleaning effect should last for 48 hours of operational time. Although frequency of cleaning may vary, the calculated cleaning dose should remain the same. This cleaning method is only recommended if approved by the engine manufacturer!

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